Balancing The Information Security Program

The ability to create, transmit, and store information far exceeds the ability to secure it.  The continued assault on information assets is being perpetrated through sophisticated scams devised by organized crime, foreign government espionage groups, employees, contractors and others. The largely accepted view and standard is that the protection of information assets is a technology function and hence in many organizations all “controls”... [Read More...]

Google and NSA an Unlikely Duo

According to the Associated Press the National Security Agency and Google are reportedly teaming up in an effort to combat cyber attacks.  Read More →

Personal Data & Information Privacy Compromised by Technology

A recent trip got me thinking about technology and the ramifications it imposes on data privacy, our safety and our lives. The thought started as I watched in amazement as each passenger on my flight readily handed over his or her credit card to purchase a snack. Many didn’t need it, certainly not the person next to me, but that’s off the point. Those who tried to pay in greenbacks were told the airline does not accept cash. Does this trouble... [Read More...]