Cyber IT & Data Compromise Forensic Analysis, Incident Response Teams & Recovery

Response to information compromise is critical to ensuring containment from a breach.  The response capability needs to consider loss prevention, business continuity, public relations, legal compliance and brand protection.   Many compromised organizations  are notified by law enforcement and not through internal means.  Technology based preventative measures have failed and the organization is caught by surprise.    While the information compromise in itself is devastating to the organization in many cases inappropriate response creates even greater challenges for the organization to recover from.

Recent compromises have seen technology staff talking with the press indicating that certain methods while more secure were not implemented due to cost or technology overhead.  These types of comments show willful disregard of appropriate security measures which will certainly lead to loss of insurance coverages, federal trade commission scrutiny, law suits, and increased costs of clean up.  CEOs and business leaders must ask,  “Do I want my technology staff speaking with the media?”

Clearly when there is no plan anything can happen, and what is already a bad situation for the company can certainly get worse.  Organization must plan for cyber incidents such that they are prepared to respond in a measured, predefined and business pragmatic way.   Information Defense provides solutions that help organizations to respond effectively.

Services include:

  • Incident Response Teams
  • Forensic Analysis
  • eDiscovery
  • Expert Witness
  • Post Incident Analysis and Long Term Recovery