Cyber Crime Preparation, Risk Mitigation, Business Continuity & Incident Response Planning

Security is highly dependent upon preparations and among the most important attribute is the recognition of self reliance.   Corporate officers must not make the assumption that others, such as  federal authorities, application developers, hardware vendors, service provider, employees and contractors, or a specific group within the organization are properly focused or adequately skilled in protecting the the company’s business assets.

Comprehensive security measures must be part of the fabric of the organization.  This is driven by corporate culture which starts at the top.  Organizations whose CEOs, presidents, and other executives defer their responsibilities to some other organization without direct participation are deluding themselves and those who are dependent upon the company into a false sense of security.

The threat of targeted and non specific attacks is very real.   Many attacks are multi-dimensional and not purely technology based and are  highly effective in penetrating organizations without detection.   This has lead to the long term compromise of many high profile organizations which now suffer from the consequences of not effectively preparing to secure the organization and its critical business assets.

Effective preparations start with the executive team participation, understanding, and the development of mandates and accountability across People, Process and Technology.  Information Defense provides consultative solutions to assist organizations in their preparations to defend against , detect,  and respond  to the threat of cyber crime.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive business risk assessment through RiskInformer™
  • Incident Response Capability Development and Business Continuity Planning
  • Legal Compliance and Mandate Review
  • Review and creation of Business Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Threat Advisement and Assessment
  • Executive Consultancy