How Rootkits Are Threatening Smartphone Security

Think your cell phone conversations are secure? ┬áThink again….computer scientists at Rutgers University have shown how a familiar type of personal computer security threat can now attack new generations of smart mobile phones,  Read More →

Google and NSA an Unlikely Duo

According to the Associated Press the National Security Agency and Google are reportedly teaming up in an effort to combat cyber attacks.  Read More →

The New Face of Cybercrime

Organizations need to comprehend the threat posed to intellectual assets by sophisticated, well organized groups  Read More →

Cyber Warfare: Attacks Linked to North Korea

North Korea is suspected of being behind cyber attacks on U.S. and South Korean web sites, says a spy agency from South Korea. Video courtesy of Reuters.  Read More →

US Intelligence Detects Cyber Spies

WSJ’s Intelligence Reporter Siobhan Gorman says that Intelligence officials have found cyber spies lurking in the U.S. electrical infrastructure.  Read More →