Why cyber security is important in 2013

Today more than at any time in the past we are committed to using the Internet for almost all our business and social needs. Never before have we been so interconnected on such a global scale. Whilst on the one hand this has been enabling and super convenient it has on the other hand exposed us to the risk of fraud or other forms of malicious use of our computer systems on a scale previously unheard of. There have been numerous surveys and reports... [Read More...]

Comments on zDefender – Android anti-malware software

A ComputerWorld  Read More →

SecureWorld Mobile Device Security Presentation

Thanks to the guys at SecureWorld who invited me to speak on mobile device management (MDM) and mobile device security yesterday! The pressure for IT departments to integration smart mobile devices into the enterprise are rising rapidly.  Unfortunately so are the risks.  There are some significant concerns that IT departments wrestling with this issue need to be aware of when embarking on a smart mobile device initiative.  Additionally, Legal and... [Read More...]

Balancing The Information Security Program

The ability to create, transmit, and store information far exceeds the ability to secure it.  The continued assault on information assets is being perpetrated through sophisticated scams devised by organized crime, foreign government espionage groups, employees, contractors and others. The largely accepted view and standard is that the protection of information assets is a technology function and hence in many organizations all “controls”... [Read More...]

Information Defense Interviewed by Reputation Communications

Mr. Marty Schmidt was interviewed by Reputation Communications for their monthly June 2010 Newsletter regarding “Protecting Your Online Privacy”.  Reputation Communications based in New York City is a leading organization that assists high profile individuals protect and maintain their online reputations.  A link to the interview can be found at: Reputation Communications June 2010 Newsletter  Read More →

Information Defense at ASIS NYC Event

Mr. Marty Schmidt was a featured panel speaker at the ASIS NYC Chapter event meeting on April 30, 2010 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.  Along with five other panel members each speaking on various topics from counterfeit pharmaceuticals to anti money laundering, Marty spoke about the threats that organizations are facing in protecting their intellectual property. “Organized crime, foreign government sponsored espionage, and employees... [Read More...]

How Rootkits Are Threatening Smartphone Security

Think your cell phone conversations are secure?  Think again….computer scientists at Rutgers University have shown how a familiar type of personal computer security threat can now attack new generations of smart mobile phones,  Read More →

Google and NSA an Unlikely Duo

According to the Associated Press the National Security Agency and Google are reportedly teaming up in an effort to combat cyber attacks.  Read More →

Rising Threat from Cyber Attacks

The threat from cyber attacks is on the rise.  On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that 2,411 companies had been the victims of a hacking operation that was part of an 18-month global attack that exposed vast amounts of personal and corporate secrets and intellectual property to theft. The attacks, which originated in Europe and China, targeted major corporations and government agencies including pharmaceutical giants Merck & Co. and... [Read More...]

Cyber Security Is First The Lawyer’s Responsibility To Corporate Clients

At first blush this proposition seems counterintuitive.  Isn’t cyber security the domain of the corporation’s CIO?  Let’s not be mistaken the CIO or CISO play major roles but the answer still is No. Three critical reasons why include: (1) the CIO can neither create nor maintain the attorney client privilege without general counsel’s direction of the corporation’s cybersecurity efforts; (2) for the same reasons, general... [Read More...]

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