Quintessentially Secure - Specialist Security

Quintessentially Secure

Quintessentially Secure is an independent, privately owned international specialist security provider. We are the exclusive global security company from Quintessentially, the world’s leading concierge and luxury lifestyle group.


Quintessentially Secure is truly local-global security resource, based in London and New York, with representation in more than Quintessentially offices worldwide and alongside our strategic alliance partners SoS Security in 21 offices throughout the United States.


Quintessentially Secure provides a tailored range of security services, training programs, boutique security consultancy and security products.

Each of our offerings are designed according to the unique circumstances and needs of our clients, enabling us to discreetly manage our clients risk, ensure a consistently high quality personalised service, and allow our clients to operate whoever and and wherever they are, with an enhanced peace of mind.