Cyber Crime Prevention, Computer Information & IT Security

Information Defense Corporation is dedicated to reducing the risk of data theft  and its disruptive impact on our customers, their business partners, and consumers.

Our solutions are built around three principal areas,  Prepare, Prevent, and Respond.

Risk to electronic assets including, intellectual property, know how, customer data, financial data, consumer information, among other items has never been greater.  Government sponsored espionage, organized crime, and individuals are seeking sensitive company information for economic, military, technological and political gains.  In many cases an employee entrusted to protect company data is complicit.

Forward thinking organizations have changed the way in which they  assess and manage their critical information assets.  These organizations are engaging their executive teams and risk management professionals in what has traditionally been thought of as a pure information technology function.  People, Process, and Technology are key elements of a solution.  Our solutions both support current information technology and security teams while identifying and addressing threats which remain outside of the technology purview.

Information Defense Corporation serves forward thinking organizations in identifying electronic assets and the potential risks imposed by outside and inside sources.  Our RiskInformer™ solution provides a comprehensive and unique approach to identifying and measuring risk and its potential vectors.  We work with our clients in building mitigation strategies and tactical plans to reduce risk, identify and limit malicious or unauthorized activity, and direct precise and comprehensive recovery.   We base our solutions on the principles of  Prepare, Prevent, and Respond.

As expert investigators responding to data theft our team has witnessed in over 90% of the cases that those organizations maintaining a traditional information technology approach to security did not detect malicious activity through technical means but rather were informed of their compromise by a federal law enforcement agency or other external source.  While the organizations thought of themselves as maintaining state of the art tools and teams in all cases they had been breached for extended periods of time ranging from months into years.

Significant financial losses, intellectual property theft, brand damage, loss of customers and business partners, as well as litigation became the resultant hurdles for each of the organizations to overcome.  Overseas perpetrators of these crimes however many times remain cloaked, unobtainable, and escape prosecution.

Our professional team at Information Defense Corporation understands that effective security programs are the result of engagement from the highest levels within the organization through each individual employee, contractor, or business partner.  People, process, and technology are the cornerstone of information security and today’s information rich companies must remain vigilant to protect their information assets.

Information Defense provides the most effective asset focused, risk informed approach to defend against a growing and persistent problem.  Our team assists a variety of high profile, and under the radar organizations build effective and responsive security programs.