Information Defense at ASIS NYC Event

Mr. Marty Schmidt was a featured panel speaker at the ASIS NYC Chapter event meeting on April 30, 2010 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.  Along with five other panel members each speaking on various topics from counterfeit pharmaceuticals to anti money laundering, Marty spoke about the threats that organizations are facing in protecting their intellectual property.

“Organized crime, foreign government sponsored espionage, and employees with a growing sense of entitlement are all part of the growing menace that companies must recognize and address”, said Mr. Schmidt.  ”In order to begin to move forward organizations must start with the engagement of their governance and executive management teams.  Risk management principles must apply beyond the standard technology purview”.

The event was well attended by ASIS security professionals and a larger variety of vendors.  The event was the ASIS NYC 20th annual event.

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