Rising Threat from Cyber Attacks

The threat from cyber attacks is on the rise.  On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that 2,411 companies had been the victims of a hacking operation that was part of an 18-month global attack that exposed vast amounts of personal and corporate secrets and intellectual property to theft.

The attacks, which originated in Europe and China, targeted major corporations and government agencies including pharmaceutical giants Merck & Co. and Cardinal Health.  The operation has affected some 75,000 computers in 196 countries.

Now is the time to examine your company’s business practices to make sure that your critical data and intellectual property are safe from complex electronic and socially initiated thefts.  Lapses in appropriate security measures can expose your company to major financial losses, both from theft and from civil lawsuits filed on behalf of clients or customers affected by the breach.

To protect your company and your shareholders from such losses or litigation, your company’s security practices must be up to date and in compliance with state and federal regulations.  Your IT security practices should also be part of your overall corporate governance, led by your general counsel so that this information is protected by attorney client privilege.

Information Defense Corporation and Interfor Inc. a leading global due diligence and investigations firm are partnered to offer our clients unique and comprehensive security solutions.  From physical security, asset recovery and crisis management to risk based and technical assessments of electronic assets and controls, the team is positioned to work with your company’s legal and combined security personnel to keep your assets, personnel, intellectual property and trade secrets safe or to help restore the integrity of your operations with incident response and forensics and other measures following a security breach.

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