Cyber Security Is First The Lawyer’s Responsibility To Corporate Clients

At first blush this proposition seems counterintuitive.  Isn’t cyber security the domain of the corporation’s CIO?  Let’s not be mistaken the CIO or CISO play major roles but the answer still is No.

Three critical reasons why include:

(1) the CIO can neither create nor maintain the attorney client privilege without general counsel’s direction of the corporation’s cybersecurity efforts;

(2) for the same reasons, general counsel, not the CIO, is responsible for corporate governance at large, and cyber security is first and foremost a corporate governance issue; and

(3) the role of interpreting and directing action to meet federal and state compliance statutes, covering a wide variety of legal mandates from privacy, to identity theft, to notifications requires legal counsel to direct actions that protect corporate interests and meet the legal obligations.

The consequences of information compromises present business issues that require legal planning and action to mitigate the risks to the corporation and its shareholders.

Now is the time to be proactive and lay the groundwork to protect legal interests, promote strong corporate governance, and reduce the potential of legal missteps, significant litigation and other actions arising from information compromise.

Please contact us to learn more about our comprehensive solutions that will appropriately position your organization to address the growing business risks created by information compromise.

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