Citibank Computers Hacked by Russian Cyber Gang

In additional cyber security news, the Wall Street Journal reported today that Citibank was the victim of a hack by what appears to be a Russian cyber gang that resulted in the loss of tens of millions of dollars.

The attack also targeted two other entities, at least one of which is a government agency.  The attack was discovered over the summer, but could have taken place as much as a year earlier.  The case is being investigated by the FBI with assistance from the NSA, the Department of Homeland Security and Citigroup which is partially owned by the US Government.

Citigroup denies that the hack took place and there has been no comment from any government agency, but the report further details that the hack was discovered when officials noticed suspicious internet traffic coming from email addresses known to be owned by the Russian Business Network, a gang that has sold software used to access US government systems.  The gang had been silent for two years, but is suspected in other recent attacks.

Beyond the stolen money, a major concern is that the hackers could destroy information, wreaking havoc on the banking system or that once they have infiltrated one bank that they could use that access to get into other banks.

This further illustrates the point that I was making in the previous article that cyber terrorism is a very real threat and that our banking, communications, government and military systems are currently under assault from gangs and even the governments of other countries.

Protecting these systems must be a priority, and the efforts to do so must be coordinated, not a variety of independent efforts directed my multiple agencies.

By Juval Aviv, President & CEO of Interfor Inc, Strategic Partner of Info Defense

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