Personal Data & Information Privacy Compromised by Technology

A recent trip got me thinking about technology and the ramifications it imposes on data privacy, our safety and our lives.

The thought started as I watched in amazement as each passenger on my flight readily handed over his or her credit card to purchase a snack. Many didn’t need it, certainly not the person next to me, but that’s off the point. Those who tried to pay in greenbacks were told the airline does not accept cash.

Does this trouble you? It does me; on many levels.  Forget for a moment the technical aspects, and the information security of credit card data.  What is happening to data privacy and what does it ultimately mean?  Does the average person think about privacy as they readily hand over their cards?

You may answer that I have nothing to hide and that’s great but do you know what fingerprints you are leaving, where, and how they might be ultimately used against you without your permission and or knowledge? What other items exist in our lives that intrude on our privacy and how might they be utilized to create the ultimate compromise?

In my mind privacy clearly has been compromised by technology.  That compromise is ultimately leading to our collective demise.

As individuals we espouse to love our freedom as it slowly sails out of sight.  At what point do we reach what author Malcolm Gladwell refers to as “The Tipping Point”, and how might that affect your life?  Putting back on my Information Defense hat, what unforeseen event(s) might occur as information continues to be collected at alarming rates and it is used for ill will?

Clearly fraud has been around since the beginning of time.  The manner in which it is perpetrated continues to morph and information technology has been a great enabler.  Misuse by officials, unintended mistakes, or deliberate actions might damage our lives irreparably.

Every step we take on a journey is tracked. A simple vacation or business trip may lead to hundreds of data points collected about you including locations, photographs, purchases, meals, beverages, conversations, entertainment sources, etc.  The more technology expands the less that goes untracked and the less privacy we have.

What I am concerned about is how might your person be compromised?  What about your business and its assets, or your clients?

I’d like to pose more questions but I’ve got to run my airline carrier just emailed me with new offers knowing I have returned home from my recent trip.

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