Information & Cyber Security Threat Assessment & Risk Mitigation – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania

Information Defense has been conducting a variety of online, data and secure information breach incident response and cyber forensic investigations for New York NY and surrounding states based organizations. (New Jersey NJ, Connecticut CT and Pennsylvania PA in particular.)

We are seeing increased losses from having insufficient detective resources and data loss prevention strategies in place to stop such action.

Often evidence is either wiped (cleaned) by perpetrators, overwritten by continued use of resources insufficient backup procedures, misdiagnosed by first responders, or action delayed due to many reasons.  Overtaxed IT organizations and insufficient preparations are at the core of much of what we are seeing.

We are seeing losses within both large and small organizations from external attacks, employee theft, business partners and disgruntled former employees.

Information Defense continues to help organizations prepare, prevent and respond to cyber crime.  We offer a variety of solutions such as risk assessments, vulnerability and penetration testing, compliance advisement, incident response, and forensic investigations.

It is critical that organizations prepare for the potential of secure data and information compromise and remain ready to respond with comprehensive information security incident response teams that include a broad representation and participation from the organization.

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