Government Reports Computer Spies Breach Fighter Jet Project

According to the Wall Street Journal’s  Siobhan Gorman, August Cole, and Yochi Dreazen,  computer spies have broken into the Pentagon’s $300 billion Joint Strike Fighter project.   This is the  Defense Department’s costliest weapons program ever, how can this be?  Tell me its not true.

Was 9/11 not enough of a wake up call?  The events of that day cast doubt on the US government’s ability to protect its people.   Now we must question can the government protect our military secrets which enables our patriots to defend this country.    The worst part of all of this is that the cyber spies have apparently been stealing secrets for well over a year’s time undetected.

Information Defense sees this type of activity all of the time within corporate entities that have been compromised and need our help.    The organziations are certain they have the greatest tools in place and they are covered.  They find out after the fact they were not, this is perhaps somehow forgivable.

The Pentagon however must do a better job, these are supposed to be the best and brightest that protect these secrets.  I now truly realize how naive  I am.  There is no room for being asleep at the wheel or incompetence when it comes to national security.  We must do better and address responsibility and accountability.

To say that since data was encrypted they could not determined what was accessed is ridiculous.   The reason no one can say what was accessed or when is due to a lack of oversight and controls.  This is not an overly complex methodology I am talking about.  It’s more common sense than techno sense.  How is it that critical information flying out the back door is not important enough to be detected?   To say that differing security standards within the contracted vendors that work on these projects is how the compromise occurred is not an excuse I am willing to accept.   Who allowed those differing standards to exist without verifying their viability in protecting sensitive US secrets?

Our Legislators are ready to have a cyber czar tell US corporations what they must do to protect their information assets or face the consequences.   Who must we hold accountable for the lack of performance in these breaches?

I am certain we will soon hear the next brilliant idea, from the next want to be in the lime light politician.  Stay tuned.

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