Investigative Reporter & Author Diane Dimond Interviews Information Defense for Weekly Syndicated Column


NEW YORK, March 16 /PRNewswire/ — Veteran radio and TV investigative reporter, author and columnist Diane Dimond recently interviewed Information Defense Corporation’s Marty Schmidt to discuss the issues facing the home based computer user and the dangers surrounding their personal and private information. As a follow up to the interview Diane authored a column, “What NOT To Do With Your Tax Return” which can be found at .

“While the media focuses on large scale corporate information theft the average person is subject to cyber crime on a very personal level. I want those who read my column to understand that there are risks associated with using their home computer which can lead to credit card fraud, theft of banking funds, and worse yet identity theft,” noted Dimond.

“I am pleased to have had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Dimond and appreciate her interest in reporting on the latest wave of crime affecting not only the Fortune 500 but the average individual,” said Marty Schmidt, EVP and co-Founder of Information Defense. Information Defense serves a variety of large and medium sized corporations assisting them to defend against and recover from cyber crime. The firm frequently investigates large scale information compromises.

About Information Defense Corporation

Information Defense Corporation is dedicated to reducing the risk of cyber crime and its disruptive impact on our customers, business partners and consumers. Information Defense provides the highest quality innovative approaches to identifying and securing critical business assets, intellectual property, and other competitive information and is a leading investigative firm specializing in incident response and forensic investigations of cyber crime. More information can be found at .

About Diane Dimond

A veteran investigative news reporter and journalist Diane has been in the national news media spotlight for more than 25 years. Diane has been a correspondent for CBS, FOX, among others delivering her hard hitting stories for “A Current Affair”, “Hard Copy”, and “Extra”. She has anchored shows for CNBC, MSNBC, Court TV and the Fox News Channel. Ms. Dimond authored the book “Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case, published by Simon and Schuster. Diane writes a nationally syndicated weekly crime and justice newspaper column. More information on Diane and her work can be found at .

SOURCE: Information Defense Corporation

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