InformationDefense Announces RiskInformer™ Solution


NEW YORK, Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ — InformationDefense Corporation, the premier provider of innovative information security strategies and services for the leading global and mission critical organizations announces the release of its RiskInformer™ Solution. The InformationDefense Corporation RiskInformer™ Solution provides a comprehensive and unique approach to identifying and measuring the risk potential to critical business assets that are subject to electronic theft, manipulation, or other malicious activity.

RiskInformer™ is being introduced at a critical time to address the persistent and growing information security requirements of the marketplace. Key senior business leaders must be engaged in the risk process and drive mitigation strategies to secure key business information assets. “RiskInformer™ enables executives and their business teams to identify the key assets and the risks imposed by people, process and technology and to drive meaningful and effective mitigation strategies,” said Philip L. “Phil” Hayden, Chief Executive Officer, IDC.

The threats imposed by government sponsored espionage, organized crime, and sophisticated individuals continues to grow in numbers and magnitude. RiskInformer™ enables forward thinking organizations to strategically identify key assets and measure potential risk across the entire business landscape going beyond traditional technology based approaches. “RiskInformer™ has been developed from years of experience in the information security space, responding to incidents, conducting forensic analysis, and analyzing the affected organizations. RiskInformer™ fills the gap between executive and technology teams,” said Martin C. Walker, Chief Technology Officer, InformationDefense Corporation.

Additional information regarding RiskInformer™ may be obtained by calling InformationDefense at 732-784-1809 and asking for Marty Schmidt.

About InformationDefense Corporation

InformationDefense Corporation is dedicated to reducing the risk of cyber-crime and its disruptive impact in the marketplace. IDC provides innovative approaches to identifying and securing business assets, intellectual property and other invaluable electronic information stolen through social, network based hacking, and other means, by foreign espionage, organized crime, internal accomplices and others. More information on InformationDefense can be found on the web at

SOURCE: InformationDefense Corporation

CONTACT: Marty Schmidt, +1-732-784-1809, of InformationDefense

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