Information Defense Realigns Management Team to Better Serve Market

NEW YORK, July 16 /PRNewswire/ — Information Defense Corporation, the premier provider of innovative information security strategies for leading global and mission critical organizations is pleased to announce a structural executive management change tailored to better meet the needs of its rapidly growing customer base and market focus.

“Our ability to execute in the delivery of unique information security solutions and assist our rapidly growing client base in defending against persistent and growing malicious attacks against intellectual property and other business assets is paramount. This reorganization is an essential step,” said Martin Walker, Information Defense Corporation Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Effective immediately Mr. Philip L. “Phil” Hayden, formerly CEO/President of PHI Global Solutions, will take on the responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer leading the strategic vision, company direction, partnerships, and key business relationships. “Mr. Hayden’s extensive global business experience and talents are a great addition to our team and the customers we serve. I am excited that Phil has agreed to step in and lead,” said Marty Schmidt, Information Defense Corporation Executive Vice President.

Co-Founder Martin Walker will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer and will be responsible for technical development and building of implementation processes that meet the growing demands of the company and marketplace. Co-Founder Martin Schmidt will take on the role of Executive Vice President and focus his efforts on new business development and directing the efforts of his global business development team. Mr. Schmidt will also assist with the strategic business refinement and execution process within IDC.

About Information Defense Corporation

Information Defense Corporation is dedicated to reducing the risk of cyber crime and its disruptive impact on our customers, their business partners and consumers. We provide innovative approaches to identifying and securing critical business assets, intellectual property, and other competitive data stolen through social engineering, network based hacking, and other means, by government sponsored espionage, organized crime and individuals. More information can be found about our security solutions on the web at

CONTACT: Philip Hayden of Information Defense Corporation, +1-404-202-5908,

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