Information theft has led to the compromise of intellectual property, credit card information, electronic funds, identity theft, and a host of other negative consequences. Electronic theft, or cyber crime affects individuals, corporations and government entities. Breaches are routinely perpetrated by, ill intended employees, ex-employees, organized crime groups, and foreign government sponsored espionage groups.


While government mandates are driving organizations to address compliance initiatives, the security of many data assets has seen limited improvement. Many organizations are struggling quietly having been victimized by information theft and are seeking to understand the potential consequences and methods to recovery. Information Defense helps organizations to identify threats to intellectual property and sensitive data assets along with the necessary measures to prepare for, prevent, and respond to cyber crime and data theft.


We assist organizations to:


  • Secure data environments through technical measures
  • Secure data through improved information security process and procedures
  • Respond to and recover from information security breaches
  • Build incident response and data forensic teams
  • Model and measure risk to information assets and intellectual property
  • Address compliance initiatives such as PCI, Red Flags Rule and others
Our methods follow a comprehensive risk based approach through our Information Security Management Model™ (ISMM). The protection of information assets within the workplace is a significant issue. Our approach enables organizations to Prepare, Prevent and Respond to cyber crime.


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